About Us

UNLAKS 4D Rubber Pool Car Mats

  The company estabilished for manufacturing automotive accossories in Bursa,Turkey in 1965 started to R&D and mold investments for the production of high quality rubber car mats in 2013.

  The firm has started the production of 3D car mats with the necessary machinery investments and extra 3000 square meters indoor in 2014. In

addition to 67 personnel working in our Unlaks Chrome factory, the company continues to produce,3D car mats in our rubber production facility with 40 blue-collar, 3 white-collar (quality engineer) and 3 administrative personnel.

  Our company which has produced 3D car mats for the car models in Turkey until 2019 has already started to produce 4D car mats by making models for  different model cars in the world market since 2019. As a company, we are now producing 4D high quality mats for 200 different models with our increasing mold and model range.

 The most important thing that make us different from the other manufacturers is that we have taken 4D brand to our company by creating anti-skid ridges (studded) on the underside of the mats.

  Since 2020, the company continues to export 4D car mats to countries such as America, Germany, Netherlands, France, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania with avariety of 200 vehicle brands and models.

  The main purpose of our company is to provide qualified products and services to our customers by taking advantage of technology with the support of R&D

  As Unlaks Car Mats, we keep investing for the future by taking strong and determined steps. We always give priority to our customer satisfaction and we wish to serve our valuable customers in the best way prossible.